‘We the People’ inspirational and nonpartisan

thumb-news-hutchBy John Montgomery For The Bee | Posted hutchnews.com

Rarely does the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson feature a dud on its dome theater film lineup, which is to say they’re all good. But one current feature in particular is worth elevating to readers’ attention.

 “We the People” is a big-screen documentary about America’s founding documents and the historical figures who wrote, refined and tested them. It spans the time in our country’s history from the earliest rebellion against the king of England – inspiring the Declaration of Independence – through the drafting and ratification of the Constitution and the amendments that followed over the years. In case we have forgotten that the Constitution is a living document, the film recounts the passage of the Bill of Rights and hard-fought amendments to extend suffrage to women and blacks.

A free press having flourished in this country because one of those amendments – the First, which guaranteed the freedom of religion and assembly besides speech and press – The Hutchinson News became a local sponsor for this film.

The film also is a history of politics in America. And though it is underwritten by the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation and might raise eyebrows for the backing of a politically active family, it is a nonpartisan piece of work.

The movie is a must-see for all of us who today are privileged to enjoy the freedoms set out in our nation’s founding documents. “We the People” once again should inspire an appreciation and reverence for our founding fathers and their passionate and articulate expression for civil liberties.

Through our nation’s history, even when we have seemed divided by philosophical differences – including in today’s politically divisive culture – we remain united behind a set of core beliefs and the underlying concept of individual freedom.

That’s what our country is about. That’s what this movie is about. For showtimes go to www.cosmo.org.

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