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We the People is a multi-platform education program anchored by a 40–minute giant screen film. But the film is just the starting point, providing an overarching, nonpartisan view of the story of our founding.

We the People is designed to engage and inspire American students to dig deeper and learn more about the rights and responsibilities of being an American. The film’s script has many entry points –we call them “portals” –to more detailed classroom experiences. Throughout the 2013-2014 school year, our launch year, we are adding classroom resources and lesson plans compiled and designed by our initial Curriculum Design Team, Please meet the team.

Curriculum Development Team

Deborah Brown, Curriculum Development
Mary McMurray, Curriculum Development
Kris Larson, Curriculum Development

Each academic year, we will be choosing a new Curriculum Design Team and we are taking nominations now for the 2014-2015 academic year; stay tuned for updates, If you are interested, or you want to nominate an educator, please let us know.

Our free downloadable resources are designed to be a “clearinghouse” or gathering place of resources. This includes specific lesson plans and activities as well as a “roadmap” with links to superb resources that exist.

And finally, we want our educator page to be a virtual gathering place for educators to share their resources with others.

As the film engages and inspires, it is our goal to drive educators and lifelong learners to our website, so it can become a:

  • Resource
  • Clearinghouse
  • Educator gathering place

Building over time, and creating an ongoing library of materials.

Our “gathering place” is our 40-minute film.

Our film ends with a question: “What Part of We are You”?”

This question is not meant to scold, but to invite.

With hope in our hearts, educators prepare the next generation of Americans to take the helm of our Republic. Our team at “We the People” is honored to be a catalyst for building our next citizens.

Please join us!